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The Houseboats / kettuvallams of Kerala are giant country crafts, measuring up to 80 feet in length. The Kerala houseboats that cruise the backwater of Kerala ...

Kettuvalloms or Houseboats (Riceboats) are country boats that were used in the early days for the transport of goods from the isolated interior villages to the towns. With the advent of roads, bridges and ferry services, gradually the kettuvalloms went off the scene. Now these kettuvalloms are back again as a major tourist attraction.

A house boat is about 67 to 100 feet in length and has a width of around 18 feet to in the middle. The materials that go into the making are all local and Eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, coir carpets etc. The main wood used is "Anjili".

Kerala Houseboat
The house boats have fully furnished single double triple and five bedrooms with sundeck, private balcony with comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet with WC. In addition there is also separate rest room.

Each houseboat has a three member crew - a chef, driver & cabin assistants. The cuisine is traditional Kerala flavor with the local specialties; delicious local fish. There are single bedroom houseboats for two people and two bedroom houseboats for four people.and 3 bedroom houseboat for 6 , and 5 bedroom houseboat for 10 People.

The spectacular beauty of Kerala's backwaters needs no introduction. A cruise along the palm-fringed waterways of Kerala in a luxury houseboat is the most enchanting holiday experience in India today. In this world of simple pleasures, you will skim past ancient Chinese fishing nets, water lilies, lush paddy fields, coir villages, rustic homes, temples and coconut groves. A guided tour down the backwaters would provide you with a complete and most enchanting experience on the back waters of Kerala and will also reveal to you some interesting facts about the life of local village people. This month's lens view takes you to the backwater stretch of the Vembanad, where one can go for a leisurely cruise on a multi deck boat, allowing you enjoy the scenic backwater life.

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House Boat Menu

The menu furnished below is a standard one which is inclusive of house boat price.Other South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and continental items are also available on extra cost and depends upon availability.

Welcome drink - Tender Coconut/ Fruit juice.

Breakfast :

Bread toast, Butter, Jam, Egg Omlet, Fruits
Appam/ Idiappam - Veg. Curry/ Egg Curry, Steamed Banana.
Iddly/Dosa, Sambar, Steamed Banana.
Boori Masala, Steamed Banana.

Kerala Houseboat


Vegetarian Dishes

Chappathi / Roti.
White rice
Sambar, Aviyal, Thoran, Pappad, Pickle, Curd, Green Salad.

Non. Veg. Dishes:

Fish Curry, Fish fry.

Evening Tea:

Tea/ Coffee
Banana fry, Finger Chips, Tapioca Chips.


Vegetable Dishes

Chappathi/ Roti
White rice
Dal Fry, Alu- Gobi, Rasam, Curd, Mezhukkupuratty, Pappad, pickle, Green salad.

Non Veg Dishes:

Chicken Curry, Egg Omlet.

NB.Jain food also available on prior request.

Houseboat Itinerary, Kerala Houseboat Itinerary

Guests can check in at 1200 hrs, we will welcome you with fresh tender coconut water and start cruise after a short briefing introduction, relax and enjoy the canals and rivers and backwater, at 1300 hrs houseboat will stop for lunch , with lavish menu of traditional kerala cuisine( if your require any special meals like main food in north Indian or food without spice etc) it has to be informed in advance)

1500 hrs it will continue its cruise covering beautiful rivers and canals with palm trees and small houses near to it , villages paddy fields, churches, etc, you can get out and get an experience of Toddy( soft liquor made from Coconut it is safe pure and sweet, ) you can also buy fresh prawns or crab or karimeen from local fishermen and give to our sheff , who will prepare it for your dinner.

Kerala Houseboat

1800 hrs The houseboat hill ( till next day morning 07 30) most of the time we will stop near the land because , you can also get a chance to go out and walk along the riverside or villages and come back , Evening Enjoy your Dinner and leave all world behind you and have a good sleep in your floating paradise,

0630 hrs Bed tea / Cofee will be provided, enjoy the sunrise and breath prolusion free air . Breakfast at 0800 hrs which include bread, butter, jam together with Iddaly Dosa etc.
0900 hrs is the time to check out and end of services in houseboat and leave houseboat with an ever lasting beautiful memory.


In our houseboats total three staff will be there which includes a cook and two crews. The cook will also act as the captain of the house boat.

The cheff

who will be interacting with guests and will be of great important to guests , because he will be making food , serving it in a hygenic and professional way but keeping a family environment being from local area and experienced , he can explain about the scenic beauty, culture ,tradition, sightseeing places and local waterways and safty precausions . Our sheff can easily interact in English, Hindi and many regional languages.


There will be 2 additional crews except cheff who will be assisting cheff for cruise and other related activities, one man will be in front and other backside of Houseboat controlling and keeping it safe and enjoyable for guest, Being from local area, and experience of many years they also play major role to make houseboat cruise memorable.


All crew members will be using clean and proper uniform.

Safety & Security

All houseboats are very well maintained and top care is given for safety and security of client , Backwater is famous for friendly and helpful local people. During the houseboat stay , guest will get chance to interact with them and it will be memorable to have a tender coconut water or Toddy( soft liquor made from coconut), Local people understand the importance of tourists visiting their area and helping with the money you spend for hiring houseboat.

Safety precautions inside houseboat

Only guests and crew members are allowed inside houseboat and Every houseboat is equipped with Life boay, life jackets, and back up support of ground staff for 24 hours, every houseboat will have mobile phone for communication to the office. Safe fuel storage facility and fire extinguisher is available in all houseboats.

Mosquito Repellant

Importance ins given for mosquito, rooms are equipped with Mosquito net , mosquito repellant, Mosquito repellant creams etc.

First Aid

Houseboat has enough first aid medicines and facility for first aid.


Daily Village Backwater

Daily Conducted Village backwater Cruises:

 Oriental holidays Tours & Travels is keen to serve our each and every visitor. The unique backwaters of Kerala can be enjoyed whenever you need. We have a handful of daily village backwater trips; wait no time, step into the cruise boats once you reach our office.

Kerala Houseboat

Daily Trips

Half Day

 8.30  a.m.  to   1.30 p.m
                 2. 45  p.m.  to   7.15  p.m

 ( Rs  500 per person)


Full Day

   8.30  a.m.  to   6.00 p.m

( Rs . 800 Per Person )



About the trip

Conduct in a village (30 km) away from Ernakulam - Trip thru- narrow canals/ River / Lake / Lagoons/ Visiting Different Village activities.

                  Enjoy the Kerala Traditional Lunch / Snacks

Kerala Houseboat
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